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Welcome to online blogger. Online blogger is a blog about blogging. Here I intend to post information on blogging and how to make money from blogging. I will try to write about diverse topics ranging from how to setup a blog to how to monetize the blog and how to get visitors. I will also review good blog tools and other software. You can also expect the occasional of topic post about anything else I simply felt like writing about.

Blogging has made it very easy to put your message in front of a lot of people. It has also made it rather easy to make money online. Anyone can make money from blogs online but it is important not to have too high expectations. Yes there are people who make a very good living from blogging and you most likely could as well but it is nothing that happens overnight. The people who make a lot of money have spent years and countless hours getting to where they are now. It is easy to make money online but it is not easy money. You have to work for it just like you would have to for any other money. The web is however unique in regards to how easy it is to get started. You can get started without spending a single cent and all the initial input you need is your own time. Yes paying the USD 10 for a domain name for your blog is a good idea long term but it is nothing that is strictly speaking necessary. You can use a free URL as well as free hosting to get started and then expand as you start earning money.

You can blog to earn money in almost any market and you should not feel that you need to work in English. Yes an English blog might focus on a lot larger market than a blog in your native language would but you are on the other hand likely to face a lot more competition in English so investing your time in a local market might actually give you a larger return despite a smaller market size. One option is to create great “mashups” using open API’s. There’s a swedish travel site, that uses XML feeds from leading travel agencies to present last minute offers.

If you want to start a blog without spending a dime we strongly recommend that you start by getting yourself a blog from They are 100% free and wordpress is also likely the tool you will continue to use (albeit self hosted) once you get a bit further on your journey to make money online. WordPress is the best of the free blogging platforms that are available online but there are several others as well and most of them will do if you for whatever reason don´t want to use wordpress. There are a high number of different sites that offer you free wordpress blogs besides You can read an overview of different platforms and their strength and draw backs in an upcoming article on this blog.

Regardless of whether you want to give yourself a budget or if you want to start earning money online from scratch the best action I can get is to take action and start today. If you need money to get started, find a loan comparison site for fast loans like The sooner you do something, the sooner you can earn money from it.