seopressorSeoPressor is a plugin for wordpress that is an excellent tool for all those who want to get start making money online. The plugin  is unfortunately not free but is well worth the cost. The plugin will help you optimize the articles you post to your blogs and hence help you make them rank higher in Google. The plugin will analyze your post and help give suggestion on how you can improve them. It will also help you optimize the rest of your blog.

An experienced web marketer and SEO professional do not need SEOpressor. They can write SEO optimized text by hearth without the support from a software like this. Beginners on the other hand will likely find it very helpful with concrete advice on what to do to improve an article to make it rank better. SEOprofessor primarily help you with onpage SEO even if it can help you a little with link building through social bookmarking as well. The help it offers can mean a lot of difference in Google and can mean the difference between earning money or not.

Whenever you write an article and save it as a draft SEOpressor will analyze it and give it a SEO score between 0-100%. The higher percentage the better optimized the text is. Once done analyzing it will show you the score for each article and give you suggestion on how you can improve the article. If you edit the article and save it again it will be reanalyzed and hopefully you will now have improved it and get a higher score. This makes it very easy to write optimized articles but it also makes for an easy and fun way to write SEO optimized articles for other websites that do not feature SEOpressor installed. It is easy to just look at it as a SEO plugin but it is more fair to look at it as an onpage SEO training course because that is really what it is. One that grades your work and help you improve it on the fly while you are working.

SEOpressor is highly recommended. It as I said not a free plugin but it is well worth the cost and if you consider buying an ebook or course on onpage SEO you are better of getting this software. Once you paid for it you are free to install it on how many wordpress installations as you want.

Observe that SEOpressor only works if you have a self hosted WordPress blog. It does not work or wordpress MU hosted blogs. Nor does it work on any other blogging platform.