Getting started

How to Get started with your first blog

When first starting working on your first blog it can be hard to know what to do. What if you can´t post to the blog each day, how much content do you need to have on your blog to start with, should you start promoting it right away or should you wait until you have more content before you do that. Do help you get over the first few steps I have made a little table below that will help you get of the ground and off to a good start.

  1. Choose blogging platform
  2. Get hosting if you want to self host.
  3. Get a domain name if you want to use one. (Good but not necessary, If the blog get successful you will regret not having done this)
  4. Setup your blog.
  5. Give it a custom look. Change at the very least the header picture.
  6. Create / edit a “about this blog” page.
  7. Create the first categories. You can add more later but the ones you start with will help you outline the blog for yourself and the reader.
  8. Post 5-6 different posts to the blog.
  9. Starts basic promotion like sending articles to article directories, submit your site to low tier directories and do some social bookmarking. Continue to do this regular.
  10. Continue to post new post on a regular basis.
  11. When you have been posting post to your blog for a month or two you can start the next step in the promotion work. Start offering to guest post on other blogs, contact related blogs and ask if the want to change blog roll links, comment on related blogs. Always post useful blog comments and never spam, now is the time to start sending your blog to higher tier directories as well.
  12. Join blog carnivals.
  13. Continue to promote your blog and posting new post regularly.

If you want to speed up the process you can buy links. This is against the TOS of Google and can if done poorly cause penalties. If you want to go this route to save time you need to know that it will cost you money and can cause problems if you are unlucky or do it poorly.