Posting frequency

How important is frequent posting

Some believe it is very important to post frequently to your blog and at regular intervals if you want to be successful. Other gives this aspect of blogging less importance and think that the most important part is to provide good info and to do so whenever you can even if this not always means doing so regularly.

It is in other words no surprise that many who are just get started feel very confused of whether they should try to post on a regular schedule, if they should try to post as much content as possible whenever they have the time to do so or if it better to post little to several blog if they got a lot of time to write. The answer to this question is not always easy to give because quite frankly it all depends on the type of blog. Below I have created a list of different types of blogs and what type of posting pattern I think is suitable for each type of blog.

  • Personal blogs, blogs with a personal touch:
    These blogs include both personal blogs about your life en general both also fashion blogs, training and weight loss blogs and so on. More or less any type of blog where you, your life or your progress plays a role. These blogs should always be updated regularly. Regularity is more important than frequency. It is better to post twice and week and actually getting it done than it is to post daily but miss a lot of days. What is the best frequency depends on the type of blog.
  • Niche blogs.
    Blogs that are built around a certain topic and that have the main purpose of providing information about that topic do not need regular posting. Here the information contained within the blog is the most important part. People are not meant to read the blog regularly but are rather meant to visit it whenever they need information about a topic. I recommend posting as much information as you can as often as you can to this type of blogs. Try to cover the topic as completely as possible as fast as possible. When you have the niche covered you can move on to a new blog and a new topic.
  • News Blog
    News and current events blogs need a lot of work and need to be updated very frequently. They are easy to build traffic for but you can quickly lose the traffic again if you stop updating. Update daily or several times a day.
  • Gadget blogs.
    Gadget and electronics blog often have visitors that are interested in the topic in question. This means that they want to be able to come back to a blog regularly (daily) for more information about different gadgets. This means that you need to update regularly and the more often you update the more you can earn.

I am well aware that the list above to not cover every type of blog out there but I think what I have said above will help you figure out the answer to how often to post regardless of what type of blog you keep. In the end it largely depends on why you think visitors will visit your blog and if they will return often expecting new content.

All blogs benefit from being updated every now and again.